How to turn your $100k ARR SaaS into a $1m ARR SaaS

How to get more customers and grow the ones you have

How to turn your $100k ARR SaaS into a $1m ARR SaaS:

The 3 big levers to pull are:

- Get more from existing customers
- Get more customers
- Get better cash flow

How to get more from existing customers:

This is always the easiest.

- Increase prices
- Move to per-seat pricing
- Move to usage-based pricing
- Improve product to reduce churn
- Segment customers & offer premium features

How to get more customers:

- Figure out paid channels that work
- Hire sales reps & incentivize them
- Improve conversion rate
- Invest in content & SEO
- Improve messaging
- Measure funnel
- Partnerships

How to improve finances:

- Get payment terms with biggest expenses
- Cut costs to free up money for growth
- Move from monthly to annual pricing