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Indie PE is an eye-opening course. The prospect of building wealth through buying an online business can seem incredibly daunting if you're a first timer like me. Because the Indie PE course holds your hand every step of the way, you come to realise it is not only possible to buy a business and start to build wealth, but extremely probable assuming (1) you have the right mindset, and (2) you use the Indie PE course as a blueprint. The email templates for reaching out to prospective businesses is invaluable. I also love how the Indie PE course provides actionable steps to improve an online business after you've purchased it and therefore increase its value.

Ben Mandeville-Clarke

I took the Micro PE course because I am looking to acquire a SaaS company and was in need of advice on all aspects of the acquisition process.  Indie PE exceeded my needs in every respect. The course outlines every aspect of the acquisition process, provides in depth templates / models (that I actually use) and has clear training videos. I love the template/model for valuation analysis...very helpful!!! Plus the founder Colin is very responsive to any follow up questions. This is a can't miss to anyone looking to do micro acquisitions!


As someone coming from a business background, Colin brings a lot of value to the Micro-PE industry with this essential course that covers all the basic things you would need to get your foot in the door of Micro PE. His simple and well-organized approach making it easy for you to understand the whole life-cycle of an actual micro acquisition. I recommend the course to anyone interested in the world of Micro PE. Also to founders to know the do's and don'ts when selling a business

Amro Shahbari

In the age of rising prices, Colin’s MicroPE course is the highest ROI you’re going to find in your search for a business to acquire. It’s full of real ‘meat and potatoes’ content, actionable, real world advice and is a blueprint for searching for and closing on a micro SaaS or other digital business. Never mind the added bonus of plugging in to a community of people with the same goal!

Link Moser

Not coming from a 1) Technical & 2) Traditional banking background had been barriers to entry evaluating Micro PE opportunities. Those days are gone thanks to courses like Colin's.

Patrick Woloveck

Great course! It's a great overview of the microPE space — I especially loved the "Structuring a Deal" section with sample deal structures, super helpful! 🙌

Paul Carleton

The Micro PE course clearly and concisely covered a wide range of topics at a depth that fast tracked my comfort level in jumping into the micro-PE world. The Indie PE team's ability to cover best practices as well as more complex ideas strikes a balance that I think both beginners & folks more well-versed in the field would find extremely beneficial.

Sam Yazdanseta

The course was very helpful and well worth the low price. Increasing the price to potentially a price of several thousand dollars would be fair btw. Anyone considering dropping millions or even thousands on deals should pay $2k easy for this to avoid making costly mistakes.

Cameron Garvie

Great course that I would recommend to anyone that is looking make a micro acquisition. There were lots of different parts covered in the course from searching for deals to transition and post-acquisition. There were also lots of templates to help guide anyone through the process.

Hadi Ossaily

The Micro PE course was great. Colin's teaching was excellent. He was super quick to the point but seemed to get everything across that I needed to know.

Tom Bath

Colin's course was really instrumental in me getting out there, looking at deals, making offers, and now closing one!

He breaks it down step by step: how to search for deals, how to evaluate them, and how to close them. But most importantly, Colin's kind and direct demeanor shines through.

It's very apparent he treats sellers with respect while still insisting on a great return for him and his team's time and money. And he'll teach you how to do just that in this course!

Acquired Quickstaff  (SaaS for event staff)

Mingwei Gu

Of the three ETA courses I've taken, IndiePE represents the best overall ROI by a long shot. I especially appreciate your philosophy of abundance, desire to build up the ETA community and unique insights into software focused ETA. You've built something special, and I'm grateful for your generosity in sharing your experience with the ETA community. I just wanted to share a personal note of gratitude.

Edward C.

I found Colin's Indie PE course to be very valuable, and most importantly, very actionable. He hits on all the key topics in a thoughtful sequence with excellent frameworks and templates to work from. No brainer ROI. Highly recommend.

Acquired business management SaaS for creatives

Kjael Skaalerud

Excellent course with a ton of information, resources, and templates compressed in a short timeframe. Colin knows his stuff and provides clear answers to questions. Highly recommend!

Shishir Sharma

I loved the course and I'm very glad I took it. I learned a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking at buying a business.

Mehatem M.

This is a really good course to learn about small business acquisitions. Tons of great intro content, templates and tips for both beginners and those already searching for something to buy.

Launched Sidenote (SaaS holding company) & Acquired StandupBot

Daniel Zacarias

I recently completed the Indie PE (Micro PE course) course and I have to say it's one of the best resources out there for those looking to acquire a SaaS business.

The course is well-structured and covers a wide range of topics, including in-depth analysis of various industries, negotiation tactics, deal analysis, and common mistakes to avoid. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and apply.

Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about acquiring a company soon. It's an excellent investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Cesar Ordonez

I recently finished Colin Keeley's online Micro PE class, and I must say it exceeded my expectations.

The course provided a framework for acquiring a small business, covering topics such as sourcing, valuation, due diligence, and deal structuring.

The instructor's expertise and real-world examples brought the subject matter to life, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking for a refresher or to expand their knowledge.

Nathaniel Bruce

I found the course extremely insightful and easy to follow. Colin has laid out a comprehensive course for anyone to get a great understanding of the space. I'm completely new to it and feel like it's the thing I've been looking for, for a very long time.

Great value for anyone looking to get started in this space. But also a smart choice for anyone looking to find the right way into acquisitions and Micro PE.

Thanks, Colin for making this available.

Chris Moreira

As someone who was venturing into the world of small business acquisitions for the first time, I was overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. Then I discovered this course, and it completely changed the game for me.

From sourcing and evaluating potential acquisitions to understanding the financial aspects and closing deals, the comprehensive guidance offered has been invaluable.

Arash Shiva

I've been wanting to get into purchasing a business for a while and this course has helped me take steps in that direction. It is very robust and the fact you have lifetime access to a community is invaluable.

I really appreciated how much Colin put into this course. The greatest value is the community as it's so hard to find like-minded individuals who are hyper-focused on the same thing you are and want to see each other succeed.

Ben Reese