DEal sourcing service

Proprietary Deal Sourcing as a Service

We will do labor intensive outreach on your behalf to hundreds of business owners that fit your search criteria.

Deals matching your exact criteria
Proprietary deals exclusive to you
Monthly strategy calls with experts
Bootstrapped SaaS Growth Course
Our process

No secrets here. Just hard work done for you.

1. Plan Strategy

We work together to refine your ideal acquisition profile and make a plan to reach them at scale. Then we scrape, hunt, and scour the internet for anyone that fits your criteria so we can get you in front of them.

2. Hunt For You

We set up your new email address, warm it up, and send the sequences. Our technical chops keep you out of the spam folder. More conversations for you. We will deal with the headaches.

3. Measure & Improve

We A/B test and refine the targeting, email sequences, subject lines, hook and everything else until we have a repeatable outbound process. Then we scale your acquisition machine.

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What to expect:

Consistent warm lead meetings

What you'll never see:

Email deliverability issues
Struggle to find more leads
Pain of interviewing & firing VAs
Emails from unpleasant people
Search for VAs that show up
Email writer's block
Bootstrapped SaaS Growth Course
About Colin keeley

Hello! Colin here 👋

I buy and build wonderful internet companies at Verne like Scout, Ottomatik and Blinksale.

I host a podcast at Indie Acquisitions where we build our software holding company in public and have on other acquisition experts.

I often compile my learnings into operating manuals for people like Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilkinson, Joe Liemandt, and Robert F. Smith.

I'm here to help you find your next business to buy!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, we have answers

How do you find leads?

It's a combination of sources and depends heavily on the target sector. Generally it is mix of LinkedIn, manual data collection, and verified email services.

How much is it?

We charging $2,999/month right now. It's significantly cheaper than even hiring someone inexperienced to do it for you and we are pro's at doing this.

Do you respond to emails or do we do that?

We do the follow up. Once we get a positive response we hand it off to you.

Couldn't I do this myself?

Absolutely. It is just a lot of work and we are better at it since we do this all the time.

Can you help me find SBA eligible businesses?

Of course. Structuring an SBA eligible deal is the next step.

What types of assets will you provide leads for?

Any kind of business acquisition we are happy to help with. Internet companies like SaaS, content sites, Shopify plugins, E-commerce stores and non-internet companies like landscaping, HVAC, professional services, etc.

Do you provide acquisition financing?

No, but we can connect you with good lenders that fit your deal.

Are you a broker?


How do you identify which leads to go after?

We work together to identify an ideal deal for you and then narrow down our search based on that.

Can you charge based on the number of leads you bring in? Or some kind of performance metric?

Nope. We do a lot of upfront work to get your campaigns going and need to be compensated for it.

What email address do you use?

We'll work together to set up a new one for you. Something like to not risk the reputation of your main domain.

Who don't you work with?

We don't do real estate acquisitions. That is a different world. This is only for business acquisitions.

Do you charge a fee on the backend or "closing" fee?

Nope. We aren't a broker and don't charge their fees on closed deals. Their fees end up being much more expensive for you in the long run.

Do you provide metrics or financial statistics?

We are pretty good at getting estimates from public data. It is up to you to verify all financials in due dilligence.

Can you help me find other acquisition-related professionals?

Yep! We are happy to connect you with good lenders, lawyers, accountants, etc.

Are you a financial advisor?