SaaS GROWTH course

How to Grow Your Bootstrapped SaaS

Unlock the potential of your SaaS and grow your company. This is the exact system we used to go from zero to 7 figures in ARR with zero paid ads.

Tactical steps to increase traffic without spending a dollar on ads
Secrets to convert prospects to customers automatically
All the checklists we use to grow businesses post-acquisition
Bootstrapped SaaS Growth Course

Why students love the growth course

Loved the course, it offered practical advice that you wont find them on the typical guide/vids elsewhere on the internet!

Rashid Ali

I've now done two courses with Indie PE and found the content super insightful and helpful.

Colin goes through the growth tactics in great detail with lots of practical examples along the course. Very worthwhile doing.

Chris Morera

This is a really good course to learn about growing a saas business.

Colin does a great job covering pricing, getting pages to rank, and how to optimize your customer acquisition funnel.

Oliver Clark

Growing SaaS revenue is hard.

Most people default to expensive ads to try and get more customers.

And they end up spending a bunch of money with nothing to show for it.

Others beat themselves up doing manual work week after week on it.

What if there was a better way?

One that doesn’t cost anything and can be put on auto-pilot.

You can do the upfront work on a weekend and set it and forget it.

What you need is a repeatable playbook to get in front of your ideal customer.

Hey, Colin Keeley here. I’ve been launching, buying, and growing software companies for over a decade. Now we have a software holding company with everything from dog walking software to database backups.

How have we done this over and over again?

The secret: a repeatable playbookWe have honed our playbook over many years to get our first B2B customers and scale the process.

We use this to connect with ideal customers anywhere on the planet for free. It's an amazing time to be alive.

If you sell B2B products, this works.

This course will teach you:

✅ How to get directly in front of your ideal customer at scale

✅ Building systems to automate your traffic and marketing

✅ Crafting your offer to convert traffic into customers

For every new startup, we start from 0.

With zero clients and zero money.

We’ve built a process that lets us go from a standing start to customers in any industry.

Now I know that I can connect with just about anyone, anywhere. This course isn’t about fooling people.

There are no black hat methods.

There are no shady email list buying or email blasts here.

There is no magic $10,000 software to solve all your problems.

It's a foolproof way to connect with humans and convert them to customers.

Cold emailing and SEO is the most potent marketing channel in the world if you know how to use it. I’m here to teach you.

Take the weekend and become a growth expert.

What exactly is included?

Our post-acquisition improvement checklist to transform your business in 30 days

✅ How to optimize your pricing to maximize profits and customer happiness

✅ Landing page checklist to convert more customers

✅ Templates for turning customer service into a growth channel

✅ SEO audit checklist to fix your leaky bucket landing site

✅ 80/20 to put traffic and sales on autopilot through SEO

What will I learn about automated lead generation?

✅ The only structure I use for writing cold emails to convert

✅ How to use virtual assistants to collect & write custom emails at scale.

✅ Effective follow-ups to send those that don't reply.

✅ A full scraping course that will teach you how to target any customer

✅ How to set up cold email campaigns to automatically send.

✅ Exactly what needs to be in your signature to get responses.

‍✅ The proper setup steps to avoid the dreaded spam box.

✅ Cold email sequences I've sent, their results, and the strategy behind them.

Here's how confident I am that you are going to enjoy this course.

If you find that you have learned absolutely nothing after going through the course material, then I will gladly refund you your whole purchase.

No questions asked.

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About Colin keeley

Hello! Colin here 👋

I've been working on startup growth for over a decade. I wasted years on countless projects struggling to get off the ground.

Through the trials I've learned what works. Now we just do that on repeat.

We buy Saas companies at Verne and grow them. From dog walking software to database backups. All software tastes like chicken.

I'm happy to finally share the playbook with you.

Hope to see you on the other side.


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