How You Can Buy a Business That Pays You $10,000 a Month in the Next 90 Days

Money not required.

How you can buy a business that pays you $10,000 a month in the next 90 days.

Money not required.

The Opportunity:

10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily.

20% own businesses.

730,000 business a year are up for grabs.

Spoiler: there aren't that many buyers.

Step 1: Narrow your search focus

Many people waste time looking at everything

- Industry: Ideally something you have experience in

- Location: Easier to manage nearby

- Size: You want enough seller discretionary earnings (takehome cash before debt service) to be worth it $200k+

Step 2: Find a business

BizBuySell is the biggest listing site.

Here's a local landscaping company that looks interesting.

$1.6m in revenue and $372,000 in cash flow.

50% from renewable work.

Step 3: Finance the Deal

You want this in order before talking with sellers.


- SBA bank loan

- Personal cash

- Investor money

The SBA loan lets you be greedy and keep all the equity while putting down as little as 5% of the purchase price. Start relationships early.

Step 4: Make Calls

Call a lot of owners and take notes.

You will learn what a good deal looks like a ton about the industry.

Step 5: Make Offers

Eventually you will find some good businesses. Start making offers.

Most will be turned down. You just need one.

Step 6: Structure the Deal

- seller side financing

- rev/profit share

- earn outs

Some ideas to get a deal done in a downturn:

Step 7: Grow the Business

- Get more from existing customers

- Get more customers

- Get better cash flow

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